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Radio Margin

A progressive and secular radio programme run by an initiating  group of 30 young "marginalised" Iranians in the diaspora.

Initiated under the umbrella of the Iranian Women’s Alternative E-Broadcasting project, described above,  Radio Margin is on its way to become an independent programme. 


a. Context:

Women of sexual and ethnic minorities within and outside Iran experience severe stigma and discrimination within their communities. The issue of sexual orientation and ethnic diversity is continually in the press and discussed in public forums in a way that entrenches stereotypes and misconceptions, and reinforces discrimination. Many individuals find themselves harassed, threatened, imprisoned or abused because of their sexual orientation and ethnic background. There is an acute need for a platform dedicated to the rights and concerns of young women from marginalised groups. Though still small, the existence of a radio platform run by their own peers is a remarkable accomplishment. The members find solidarity, share their experiences, express their views, thereby raising their visibility while participate in shaping their own living environments. Radio Margin also serves as a platform on which to advocate for the rights of women, LGBTIQ and ethnic minorities as human rights and to sensitize society to the challenges that these young women face.

The project aims to develop the capacity and visibility of these marginalized women as a constituency that cannot be ignored, thereby enabling them to resist and address the suppression and marginalisation of gender, sexual, ethnic and religious minority groups in the laws, policies and values of authoritarian forces in the Islamic Republic of Iran.  

This project aims to address the following problems:

  1. The suppression and marginalsation of gender, sexual, ethnic and religious minority groups in the laws, policies and values of authoritarian forces in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  2. Marginalization of women, LGBTIQ, ethnic and religious minorities in the democratizing movement in Iran, called the “Green Movement”, despite its diverse political orientations, including religionists and secularists
  3. Lack of freedom of expression and association in Iran
  4. The lack of visible space to Iranian young people, especially from the marginalized groups, to voice their concerns
  5. The need for the marginalised to develop as a constituency that cannot be ignored in all agendas for political change.

b. Intended Impact:

“Radio Margin” aims to organise marginalised young Iranians, especially young girls and women, people in sexual (LGBT) and ethnic minority (Kurdish and Baloch) groups.

While these people have been very active on the streets of Iran in protests and demonstrations, and while the democracy movement (known as the “Green Movement”) has benefitted hugely from their energies and contributions, there is a very real possibility that even with regime change, such people would remain marginalised. Radio Margin strives to enable these marginalised groups to develop as a constituency that cannot be ignored, to raise their visibility and enable them to express their views and participate in shaping their own living environments.  


c. Strategy and Objectives:

Radio Margin  intends to achieve the following:

  1. Distribute media content to wide audiences and brings attention to critical issues impacting young and marginalised people of Iran. These programmes-consisting of music, news features, personal narratives and discussion programmes are designed to appeal to the intended audience and thereby also call attention to critical issues impacting young people of Iran, especially people of gender, sexual, religious and ethnic minorities.
  2. Instill a long-term commitment and engagement on the part of Iranian youth and minority groups as viable contributors in the media, civic life and social movements.
  3. Shape discourses on gender, sexual and ethnic equality as part of all political agendas, and develop youth and minorities as a potent constituency in Iranian society.

e. Useful Link and Resources:

Radio margin facebook site:

راديو مارژين Radio Margin

رادیو مارژین-اجرای دوم: این فرکانس روی هیچ موجی تنظیم نمی‌شود

Radio margin jingle:  http://soundcloud.com/radio-margin/track