A bi-lingual (Bahasa Indonesia and English) website, wherein you can find more detailed an colourful reports of the development of the WELDD programme in Indonesia was launched: Goto www.perempuanmemimpin.com

Key strategies :
  • The creation and maintenance of an open, inclusive space for sharing and synergising around the key issues concerning women’s empowerment in diverse contexts.
  • Strengthening and sustaining  women  in their organisations and movements, beginning in Asia, to challenge and transform unjust power relations and structures which obstruct their full access to and enjoyment of their rights and entitlements.
  IWE’s present members include feminists, activists, intellectuals, and researchers, living and/or  working  in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, the Netherlands. With their diverse specialisms, knowledge and experiences, they work with women in marginalised communities, women marginalised on basis of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, women migrant workers, women engaged in developing innovative empowerment strategies. At the same time, networks  and various  forms of working partnerships are initiated and maintained with strategic partners in selected regional and international fora, as well as with individuals active in and committed to work on women's empowement  at international, regional and/ or local levels.
Secretariat in Jakarta:
  IWE’s Secretariat, based in Jakarta, coordinates all activities, including administrative and financial functions.

Decision-making and Implementation

While programmatic decisions are made by all members during the Annual General Meeting, the
implementation of the decisions taken is carried out by

An Executive Body implements the work of the organisation, consisting of the following members:

Risma Umar (Director)
Marhaini Nasution (Treasurer)
Dini Anitasari Sabaniah (Secretary)

A Board of Directors governs the organisation, consisting of the following members::

Sri Marpinjun  (Indonesia)
Vivienne Wee (Singapore)
Phoebe So     (Hong Kong)