The Institute for Women’s Empowerment was set up by a group of feminist activists,  engaged researchers and political advocates, who are active in regional and international networks working on various issues around  the empowerment of women.  These are among others, religious fundamentalisms, land rights, sexualities, political participation and economic justice.  IWE was registered in Hong Kong on 20 May 2008.
  IWE envisions a world in which every woman has the rights to:
  • fair and just treatment under the law and in society, regardless of her educational, social, cultural or occupational background.
  • be free from violence and coercion.
  • safeguard her own health and personal integrity.
  • have access to the resources that will enable her to participate fully in the political and social affairs that have impact on her life and livelihood.
  • not to suffer violence  nor  used as a commodity
  IWE’s mission is to enable women to challenge and transform unjust power relations and structures which obstruct their full access to and enjoyment of their rights and entitlements.