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WELDD - Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratisation -

is a multi-year (2012-2115) programme subsidised by the Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It is led by Shirkat Gah Women's Resource Centre (SG) in Pakistan, in collaboration with the Institute for Women's Empowerment (IWE) based in Hong Kong and Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML), based in London.


WELDD is being implemented in 12 developing countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, with the overall objective of strengthening women's leadership through public and political participation to achieve the following:

  • Pluralism and gender equality, necessary for building peace and security
  • Abolition of violence against women based on cultural legitimations
  • Women's rights to access and control over economic resources and empowerment, including agricultural land and decent work.

WELDD believes that :

  • Structural poverty cannot be reduced without women’s sustained leadership to challenge inequitable structures, overcome gender-based violence (especially when condoned by socio-cultural excuses), increase their access to economic resources, and break down barriers that exclude them from public life and from participation in peace-building processes.
  • To change well entrenched structures of inequality, women leaders must be able to mobilise others (male and female) to take collective actions to build gender-equitable futures. This new understanding offers a paradigmatic shift that defines leadership as the capacity to mobilise others.
  • Equally important is the development of women’s sustainable leadership that continues to mobilise collective actions as ongoing commitment to the agenda of gender equality and women’s empowerment beyond the durations of programmes and projects. Sustainable leadership is of particular relevance to younger women, who should be nurtured as crucial heirs of inter-generational sustainability in a long history of women’s resistance.


In the WELDD program, IWE works principally in Indonesia to foster understanding and practice of WELDD’s overall concern for sustainable feminist leadership in 3 thematic contexts, with:

  • Women in the process of building pluralist and peaceful civil societies,
  • Women advocating the rights of women to access and control over agricultural land and other agricultural resources,
  • Women advocating the rights of women in the informal sector to safe and healthy conditions of work

The IWE-WELDD team consists of 4 components:

  1. Women’s leadership for peace, reconstruction and pluralism:
    a. Vivienne Wee (leader)
    b. Dini Anitasari Sabaniah (associate)
    c. Marhaini Nasution (assistant)
  2. Women's leadership for promoting women’s rights to agricultural land:
    a. Vivienne Wee (leader)
    b. Dini Anitasari Sabaniah (associate)
    c. Marhaini Nasution (assistant)
  3. Women’s leadership for promoting women workers’ rights in the informal sector:
    a. Risma Umar (leader)
    b. Ni Loh Gusti Madewanti (assistant)
    c. Phoebe So (advisor)
  4. Women’s sustainable leadership:
    Lean Heng Chan and Lin Chew (leaders)

IWE-WELDD is coordinated by Lin Chew (IWE Executive Director), as the Organisational Focal Person (OFP)

Each team works in collaboration with various organisations and networks that address these issues in Indonesia, as well as in regional and international contexts.

IWE-WELDD in Indonesia:
Jl. Siaga II No.36, Kelurahan Pejaten Barat, Pasar Minggu
Jakarta Selatan 12510, Indonesia
Email: iwe.weldd@gmail.com
Tel: +62-81314036438 (Marhaini Nasution)
Tel: +62-8567224599 (Ni Loh Gusti Madewanti)

To know more about the projects of other partners of WELDD, contact:
For Shirkat Gah: Sadia Ahmed (OFP) : sadia.ahmed@gmail.com
For WLUML: Mariem Omari (OFP): mariem@wluml.org

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